RTL Royal Terminal Logistics is a Canadian-based Company whose main objective is to provide EFFICIENT, SAFE, RELIABLE and ON TIME DELIVERIES all over Canada & the United States.


We have been in the transportation business for many years and are growing fast. RTL's experienced staff and management are highly skilled and steadily growing and improving to continuously be in the lead of the transportation industry.


RTL Royal Terminal Logistics Inc. has a large storage facility for Non-Hazardous goods and is equipped with Powerpoints, chassis of all sizes, trailers, and fleets of trucks. Our yard has 24-hour surveillance video & security.


It is our priority to pick up your freight and deliver it on-time and safely where it needs to go. The import/export market faces challenges every day where timing is critical, penalties are enormous and storage costs are high. RTL is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, The advantage of working with us is our flexibility to deliver cost-saving solutions & suggestions to our valued customers.


Our aim is to give the client solutions & suggestions regarding their logistics needs. This paves the way to concentrate on what is truly important to each of our customers on an individual basis. We will continue to achieve this by communicating with our customers and agents while striving to exceed our client's expectations through hard work, dedication, and innovative ideas and teamwork.


We stress a high level of satisfaction to our clients. Where RTL Inc. and shipping vendors come together in a mutually beneficial way. We offer an environment where a client’s service and price requirements are matched.


We believe that our team’s experience, loyalty, dedication, innovative ideas and flexibility of our client’s changing requirements makes us a valuable resource for delivering the best transportation solutions in British Columbia.